When Ranbir Kapoor Spilled The Beans About Why He Couldn’t Be A Part Of Delhi Belly!

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Abhinay Deo’s

Delhi Belly

starring Imran Khan, Kunal Roy Kapur and Vir Das clocked 10 years on Thursday (July 1, 2021). While celebrating this milestone, the filmmaker walked down the memory lane while speaking with some publications.

During one such interaction, Abhinay went on record to reveal that Ranbir Kapoor was a strong contender for Delhi Belly before they finalized Imran Khan to play Taashi in the movie.


As per a report in Spotboye, the

Bombay Velvet

The actor had chickened out as he thought it would be embarrassing to watch the film with his parents at the premiere. The report stated Ranbir telling senior journalist Subhash K Jha, “I just thought about how embarrassing it would be for me to watch this film with my parents at the premiere, and I opted out.”

EXCLUSIVE! 10 Years Of Delhi Belly: Abhinay Deo: If It's Not Imran Khan, There Won't Be Taashi In The SequelEXCLUSIVE! 10 Years Of Delhi Belly: Abhinay Deo: If It’s Not Imran Khan, There Won’t Be Taashi In The Sequel

On the other hand, Deo had told PTI, “Ranbir was one of the people we had spoken to at that stage. He had heard the script. In the early stages, we were looking at various people and genuinely felt Ranbir was a very strong contender for the film. But, that didn’t work out for various reasons.”

Nevetheless, Ranbir Kapoor’s loss turned out to be Imran Khan’s gain as the latter received rave reviews for his performance.

Abhinay Deo Confirms Amitabh Bachchan Has Opted Out Of Aankhen 2; Reveals Film Is Shelved!Abhinay Deo Confirms Amitabh Bachchan Has Opted Out Of Aankhen 2; Reveals Film Is Shelved!

Meanwhile, Abhinay Deo in an exclusive interview with


opened up on a sequel to

Delhi Belly

and said, “It’s heartening to know that ten years after

Delhi Belly
, people still want to see a sequel to that film. It is still relevant and fresh in people’s mind. Even I would like to do a sequel. But then, there are things which can’t happen just because we want something. Akshat took nine years to write the first part. So, it needs to come to the writer as a script or an idea. Only if he’s convinced about it, we will be able to make it.”

Abhinay Deo’s

Delhi Belly

revolved around three struggling roommates who unknowingly become the target of a ruthless gangster when they misplace his expensive diamonds.

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