Things have changed for the better over the years in the film industry: Shreyas Talpade

Shreyas Talpade who has been an actor in the Marathi and Bollywood film industries for over 15 years now and has starred in hit films like Iqbal (2005), Om Shanti Om (2007) and golmaal 3 (2010), believes that the entertainment industry has undergone a drastic change in the recent past. He says, “Certain subjects and issues, which were considered taboo in the past, have more acceptance now. Our consumption patterns and attention spans have changed over the years. You know that there’s an audience for every genre. So, today, you can go ahead and try new things. Things have changed for better in the film industry.”

Ask him about what sets both the industries apart and he says, “The only difference I have observed in both the industries is that of budget. But the kind of passion the filmmakers put in their work in both industries is very much the same.” He further adds that he feels every filmmaker tries to use the resources they have and that doesn’t change with industries.

Talpade’s recent OTT release has met with a positive response from the audience. “It feels good that your work, in general, is appreciated,” he says. The actor, who marked his web debut with Baby Come Naa in 2018, adds that he believes that the digital space has been a boon to actors, directors and writers alike. He also points out that it makes for “a great combination of theater and films”.

Talpade, who has also been a theater actor, believes that virtual theater is the way forward. “When the pandemic hit, we thought why not take theater online as all the other things are going virtual? The theater industry received a severe blow during the lockdown. We started a platform dedicated to the performing arts and we believe that there is also a need for theater to reach out to maximum people.”

So, does he have a dream role? “I would love to do a negative part that looks believable but cannot be trusted even for a second,” concludes the actor.


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