‘The Mighty Ducks’ Star Shaun Weiss Gets Burglary Case Dropped, Graduates Drug Court Program

After an infamous arrest in early 2020, things are now going very well for The Mighty Ducks star Shaun Weiss. On Thursday, the Yuba County District Attorney’s Office in California announced that Weiss graduated from a drug court program this week, a major milestone in his path to recovery. Better yet, his graduation means that the burglary case against the former child star in the county has been dismissed.

Shaun Weiss, who’d been struggling with addiction for years, was arrested in January 2020 for breaking into a person’s garage and gaining entry into their car by shattering the glass. Officers who responded to the scene found Weiss in the car and believed that he showed the symptoms of being under the influence of methamphetamine. Cops booked him on suspicion of burglary and drug charges, and his mugshot quickly went viral as the actor’s appearance had drastically changed since fans last saw him.

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Following the arrest, Weiss first entered the Yuba County Drug Court program on March 3, 2020. He also had a friend help set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for his medical and sober living expenses, as Weiss had relocated to a sober living facility. During his recovery, Weiss released a photo showing off his brand new teeth and looking to be in much better health than he was at the time of his arrest. At the start of this year, he celebrated a full year of sobriety.

“Shaun demonstrated persistence during his recovery complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. He had to move treatment and transitional living programs on several occasions. He underwent dental reconstructive surgery, and had a close family member suffer a serious accident during his treatment,” the Yuba County DA’s office wrote in a statement.

“Shaun regained employment and has been traveling across the country making guest appearances and signing autographs. He received tremendous support from friends and fans of the character, Goldberg, he played in the 1992 hit The Mighty Ducks,” the statement added.

In previous years, Weiss had also been in trouble with the law on many occasions. He was arrested and served 12 days in jail in 2017 for petty theft, and just five days after his release, Weiss was arrested again for possession of meth. He was sentenced to another 90 days in jail. The next year, Weiss was arrested for public intoxication and publicly declared his plans to go to rehab. Unfortunately, the Mighty Ducks star had since gone homeless and continued to struggle greatly with his addictions.

Best known as a child actor, Weiss played the fan favorite role of Greg Goldberg in all three installments of The Mighty Ducks movie series. He also appeared in many popular TV shows as a child actor, including Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, The King of Queens, and Freaks and Geeks. He last appeared as a bus driver in 2008’s Drillbit Taylor with Owen Wilson.

On Disney+, The Mighty Ducks has been rebooted with the new series The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. Emilio Estevez returned as Coach Gordon Bombay and several original stars from the 90s movie series made special appearances. The series hasn’t been officially renewed for a second season at this time, but there are plans to bring in other original stars if the show moves forward on Disney+. Hopefully, with Weiss at a better place in life now than he has been in years, a cameo as Greg Goldberg will come to fruition. This news comes to us from Fox News.

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