The Hundred timeline: How the ECB’s new format came about


A recap of the significant milestones in the competition’s five-year gestation

From widely ridiculed concept to one of the ECB’s central planks in its strategy for growing the game in England and Wales, the Hundred has been a long time coming. Here we look back at the significant milestones along the way.

September 2016
It was almost five years ago that the seeds for the Hundred were sown – little did we know it at the time. Late in the 2016 summer, the first-class counties finally Voted in favor of the ECB’s idea for a new city-based competition, initially conceived as a T20 vehicle. Colin Graves, the ECB chairman, said: “We’ve all been looking at how we can use domestic T20 for an even bigger purpose, especially getting more young people to play. This format was invented here and is successful worldwide. It can excite new fans, attract the best players and fuel the future of the game, on and off the pitch.”


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