Stephen King Only Just Watched Fight Club For The First Time, But He Has A Really Good Reason Why

There are a number of advantages in seeing a great movie when it is first released. First and foremost there is generally the chance to watch in a theater, meaning that you get the big screen experience and excellent sound, but there is also the zeitgeist factor to keep in mind: the excitement of watching a film that everybody else is watching, creating a special moment to discuss and analyze it at length. As time passes, those options and opportunities diminish – which in turn can diminish demand and a sense of immediacy.

This is a line of thinking that can ultimately explain why it is that famed author Stephen King only wound up very recently watching director David Fincher’s 1999 cult classic Fight Club… but on top of that, he also has a very good reason for missing the feature during its initial theatrical run. After all, at that time he was in the process of recovering from a notorious accident, and, according to him, he wouldn’t have been able to remember it even if he had seen it.

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