Sathya Sai organizations help COVID-19 patients

The Andhra Pradesh wing of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations has extended a helping hand to those hit by the second wave of the pandemic across the State.

Ever since the cases began rising suddenly from March, members of the organization started a host of services including starting 32 community kitchens. The most sought-after, however, were the 38 telemedicine centers with 109 doctors handling calls and about 40 beds were dedicated at different locations for COVID patients for either treatment or as isolation ward. In all, 10 ambulances were dedicated for this purpose, it said. As many as 49 lines were set up for telemedicine and food service. More than 1,000 volunteers took part in various service activities.

As part of the hunger alleviation service 10,215 Amrutha Kalashams (One month’s dry groceries enough for a family) were provided, 2,35,825 food packets distributed during these 90 days.

Cooked food was served to 14,860 patients and their families. Baby food was provided to 6,420 infants, in addition to 50,000 packets of fruits and snacks. The livestock was taken care of with 60 of them provided fodder. In addition to these, hospitals were given 43 oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators and oxymeters.

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