r/worldnews – Jeff Bezos Ridiculed for ‘Tone-Deaf’ Victory Lap After Flight- Thanks Amazon Workers for paying for his outer space flight

He’s right.

So avoid Amazon where you can.

Google Duckduckgo for alternatives before your purchase to try and prevent funding these horrible companies. (in b4 “you can’t opt out of capitalism!” no shit, let’s not act like there’s no alternatives way more ethical than Amazon).

I ain’t paying any more for this cunts phallic-fantasy than I have to.

Lol at people who drone on about entrepreneurs deserving their wealth for” innovating”. This is what we got? Non-innovative technologies no one can use in our time of crises in the world? Yeah they totally deserve those billions because they’re simply smarter than us /s

How people justify lifestyles of the insulated… I will never know.

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