r/worldnews – China rejects WHO plan for study of COVID-19 origin

I would not trust the WHO to do this anyway. The last guy they sent in to lead things had a massive conflict of interest:

Dr. Daszak has worked closely with a leading virologist at WIV [Wuhan Institute of Virology], Dr. Shi Zhengli on the study of bat viruses, which from 2014, was in part funded by US government grants.

“For the WHO [World Health Organization] investigation in Wuhan to stand up to scientific scrutiny, neutrality is a must,” said AHF [AIDS Healthcare Foundation] President Michael Weinstein. “Dr. Daszak has a clear-cut conflict of interest that should’ve disqualified him from participation on the WHO team. The fact the WHO sanctioned it in the first place is completely out of line. Now, any conclusions of the investigation will be tainted by one more fragment of uncertainty. Regrettably, the only plausible way out of this situation is to start over – to disband the WHO team, and charge a neutral, non-political body with reconstituting it. To ensure the highest degree of independence, all members of the new team should have the full protection of diplomatic immunity.”

Good luck funding much reporting on this, though. Johnny Harris had a video on it too:

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