r/Music – Sneaker Pimps – Squaring the Circle [Synth Pop | Trip Hop] : ALBUM RELEASE

Full album is streamable on youtube.

Am I supposed to review this on r/Music? If not, well tl;dr go ahead and give it a spin spin sugar.

For those unfamiliar with Sneaker Pimps – I am shook that “6 Underground” is not hall of fame.

Bandcamp release for physical of Squaring The Circle

Those that can enjoy the sound of later 90s trip hop, electronica/synth pop may find this release to be supremely enjoyable.

I’d give this release an A-/B+ territory, 8.5 stars out of 10. There’s at least 45 minutes of _very good tunes_ here, enough that they could have cut tracks and had a higher quality ratio or more concise album, but more is fine too when there is so much going right here.

The production on Squaring the Circle is top notch. The writing is solid. > 50% of the songs are very good, a number of tracks are genuinely inspired.

Hope ya’ll enjoy

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