r/Music – I have created what I believe to be the ultimate Heavy Metal introduction and tolerance testing playlist

I have succeeded in doing something I’ve wanted to do for a WHILE.

For a LONG time, metalheads have been upset by the fact that people see metal music as “just noise” or “just screaming” or the assumption that every metal band is a Cannibal Corpse or a Belphegor, with no knowledge of the existence of the Power Metal or Prog Metal or Folk Metal side of things.

Well guess what. I made a playlist. Meant to be listened to in order, unshuffled, that starts with the most radio-friendly, accessible, easy-peasy metal music you can possibly listen to, and works it’s way up to the most batshit, hardcore, “I can’t understand a word and my head hurts” bands I personally know of. PLENTY of help from friends in the community, and we managed to choose songs that flow EXTREMELY well with eachother.

It’s even separated into subgenres. There’s 5 songs in each subgenre, starting with glam, then NWOBHM, then power, et cetera et cetera.

I even tried to get a good mix of sounds FROM THAT SUBGENRE. Power metalheads know it’s DIFFICULT to explain why Orden Ogan, Unleash the Archers and Twilight Force are all power metal. Thankfully, they all make an appearance in this big boy.

75 songs, 6hr20 minutes. The ultimate metal introduction and tolerance playlist.

Listen to it unshuffled starting with song one for best results.

Click Here to open it in Spotify

and here’s a poorly made Google Sheets document showing genres, songs, and descriptions of genres. I still have some work to do on this so don’t judge too harshly.

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