r/Music – Does anyone else miss burning CDs..?

i’ve recently been thinking about making (myself) spotify playlists that resemble the cds that i used to burn. always had a title, usually some album art, and it was generally things that I listened to often, but id also put effort into making cds for my friends. i always tried to have a decent song-to-song flow, and my ocd made me hate it when a song or artist started with the same letter as the previous one.

anyways – i just made one to send a friend, its a collection of stuff that i know he would never have stumbled upon otherwise. i tried to keep those old rules of mine while keeping it under the 80 minutes a burned cd would allow.

if anyone does the same or has the time to waste, id love to listen to your burned cd mix!

heres mine, if anyones interested —

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