Outriders is the anti-cover shooter

There probably needs to be a new word for it: That deep ennui that comes from entering a videogame area full of suspiciously medium-height piles of rubble and overturned machinery. “Ah, here we go,” I think, seconds before a wave of targets pour into the arena. If you play cover shooters, chances are you don’t mind shooting things from the safety of cover. You might even love it. But you’d probably still agree there’s a uniformity about cover shooter level design, and I’m hardly the first to bring it up. You open a door, enter a large room full of waist-high stuff, and then shooting happens. You finish the shooting, open a door or follow a path, and then enter another large room full of abandoned cars and square planters. So we’re doing this again, are we?

I’m no fan of the cover shooter, myself. It’s repetitive and boring: not even the Division’s loot game can keep me interested. You’d have to pay me to play another Gears of War. As for Mass Effect, I’d prefer if it was a visual novel. When I installed the Outriders demo back in February I deleted it about 15 minutes later. Then when it launched, I stuck around for two hours and then deleted it again. So many waist-high walls. So much hiding behind a concrete slab until an enemy exposed their head. It actually depressed me.

Playing with my build, Outriders feels totally different to Gears of War or The Division, and more in common with Vanquish

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