No clarity about ‘any entity’ forming government in Kabul: India

Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson said in India is waiting to see how exclusive will be the next government in Kabul arguing that the situation on the ground is “uncertain”.

There is no clarity about “any entity” forming the next government in Afghanistan, said a senior official here on Friday. Addressing the weekly press conference, Ministry of External Affairs official spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said India is waiting to see how inclusive will be the next government in Kabul arguing that the situation on the ground is “uncertain”.

“Currently there is no clarity about any entity forming a government in Kabul. There has been a lot of stories going around about who will be represented in the government and whether the government will be inclusive which is another question and whether other elements of the Afghan polity will be represented in that,” said Mr Bagchi explaining that India is aware of the dialogue currently underway on formation of the new government in Kabul. He said the issue of recognition of the Taliban amounted to “jumping the gun” in view of the “fluid situation”.

“We are monitoring the situation and are in touch with partner countries,” said Mr Bagchi arguing that the element of government formation is not yet clear.

The statement clarifying India’s perspective on the Afghan situation came a day after India failed to airlift at least 160 Hindu and Sikh Afghans because of the prevailing chaotic conditions in the Afghan capital where the Taliban has declared that it will not allow any further evacuation of Afghan nationals . Officials here said that India has not “paused” evacuation and will carry out the airlift at the right moment.

The evacuees for the Indian airlift operation are at a safe place in Kabul and were not harmed by the blast that took place at the Kabul airport. The official said that India will continue to raise the issue of terrorism in the United Nations saying India is “observing” the situation arguing that India’s current concern revolves around the safety and security of those in Afghanistan.

Explaining India’s visa policy towards Afghans seeking refuge in India, Mr Bagchi pointed out that the “e-emergency” visa is now open for the Afghans who have been supportive of bilateral relationship between India and Afghanistan and said, “They are currently coming here under the six-month visa regime and we will take it from here. It is an evolving situation and making long term plan is not the best of ideas considering the last few days.”


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