Next PCB chairman to be elected on September 13


PCB patron and Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan has nominated Ramiz Raja and Asad Ali Khan for the post

PCB election commissioner, retired justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, has set September 13 as the date for the election of the next PCB chairman. With Ehsan Mani set to leave the post after three years at the helm, PCB patron and Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan has nominated former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja and Asad Ali Khan to the PCB’s board of governors for a three-year term.

The board of governors, which also includes PCB CEO Wasim Khan and four independent members, will vote for a candidate of their choosing on September 13. Technically, any member of the BoG could be elected for the chairmanship, though historical protocol would dictate members vote for one of the two men nominated by the PCB patron.

The ascension of Ramiz to PCB chairman is all but guaranteed, with Imran Khan having met him earlier this week and understood to have given the appointment his seal of approval. He had initially reached out to Ramiz for names of potential candidates, in line with his apparent preference for an ex-player to be at the helm. But in the absence of obvious candidates, he is believed to have told Raja to consider himself for the post.


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