Mugdha Godse: Rahul and I already feel married and just a sign away, but a piece of paper won’t make any difference

She prefers being upfront about everything, be it her professional journey or personal life. Having been in a live-in relationship with actor Rahul Dev for years, Mugdha Godse is frequently asked if the two plan to get hitched anytime soon.

When asked how she deals with this constant grilling, the actor says, “We have to face all these questions as a public figure. They are going to ask, ‘What’s happening? When are you getting married? ‘. I tell people we are very happy together. We are not labeling anything with marriage, we feel we are already, and just a sign away from the thing. There’s so much going on, we are working. About what matters is happiness, and that’s what we have. Being honest when asked these questions makes life easier for both of us. Rahul also things the same, there is no issue on that matter. “

The 34-year-old, who started her film career with Fashion (2008), and was recently seen in Fauji Calling, goes on to add that there are no plans to tie the knot anytime soon.

“We are happy and we never thought we should go and get married. It is a beautiful institution, and like I said, we feel we are already. We are happy in this live in, it’s going well. A piece of paper is not going to make any difference, frankly speaking, ”says the actor, currently judging a reality show.

As both of them are busy actors, does it get tough, making time for each other in a profession like this? Godse says the pandemic gave them ample time for doing that.

“Due to Covid, we spent a lot of time together, it was nice. Though there was a bad situation outside, we have learnt to make the most of the good times we have. Though Rahul was on and off working during the pandemic, shooting, we spent good enough time. There are days when we get time together, or me and him are travelling. Being in the same profession, we understand to make time, ”says the actor.

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