Make the most of Amazon Prime Day by upgrading your SSD

It’s great to see so many SSDs in the Prime Day sales, especially when some of the best SSDs around have enjoyed big savings. This makes it a great time to upgrade your gaming rig to embrace the latest tech, which is not only much faster than what has gone before, but you can get a much bigger chunk of the stuff, especially at these reduced prices. And with 2TB SSDs coming in as low as $235, it really is a great time to upgrade.

If you’re still running a SATA-based SSD as your main boot drive, or dare we even imagine a spinning platter hard drive, then the latest PCIe SSDs represent a massive uplift in performance. You do need to make sure your motherboard has an M.2 slot that you can boot from though—check your motherboard’s website to make sure. You could upgrade your motherboard if not, there are a few deals around, or alternatively, grab a really big SATA drive like the 4TB Samsung 870 QVO for more room to breathe.

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