Live Report – England vs India, 3rd Test, Headingley, 3rd day

England asserted their dominance on day two at Headingley. Will India be able to change the script change on day three? Follow out updates to find out. All timestamps are in local time. Click here for our ball-by-ball commentary. And here’s our live coverage of the match in Hindi. (Please refresh the page to get the latest)

Bairstow in left-handed stunner!

One more ball. That’s all Rohit had to see out for India to say they were zero down at lunch. But he gets squared up by an Overton delivery that straightens in the air late, pitches just short of a length, and takes his outside edge. The ream magic in the dismissal though was provided by Jonny Bairstow at second slip who stuck his left hand out as he fell to the right, and clung cleanly to the ball, which was TRAVELING. That would have been a tough grab with keeper’s gloves on, but Bairstow moved on it and held it flawlessly. (I mean, it was possible that Root would have taken this comfortably at first slip had Bairstow not intervened, but let’s not kill the vibe.)

A big break for England to close out the first session. And India have two out-of-form batters – Cheteshwar Pujara, and Virat Kohli – coming in next. Batting today, under these heavy clouds, has been a lot tougher than it seemed yesterday.

A touch of T20

It’s so overcast the floodlights are on. The ball is swinging, and moving just a touch off the surface. You could forgive India’s openers for hunkering down and leaving everything they don’t have to play at. But that’s not really Rohit’s vibe. The moment he spots a slightly wayward bouncer from Robinson, Rohit gets into position and ramps it high over the slips. The connection is so good it carries way over third man, and over the boundary. That’s India’s first six of the match.

Rahul reviews in the nick of time

A second later, and Rahul would have been kicking himself in the dressing room.

Ollie Robinson had pitched this one up, nipped it back, and struck Rahul in front of middle and off, in the 10th over. The shout always looked good, and the umpire gave him out fairly quickly. While England were celebrating the wicket of India’s in-form batter, however, Rahul seemed to be desperate to review, but talked to Rohit first. It was only in the final second of the 15-second countdown that he signaled the review to the umpire. He had been hit in line with the stumps, but the angle of the delivery, which had jagged back, was taking it down the legsside.

Anderson has also gone out of the attack – Craig Overton is in at that end.

India openers resist Anderson…for now

Four Anderson overs in, India’s openers have played him ok. He’s swinging it significantly, and moving the odd ball in as well. But both Rahul and Rohit Sharma are playing inside the line, and leaving pretty well. Rohit even hit him through extra cover for four. It’ll be a long first spell though. India have plenty of work to do.

How long will India last?

England clearly have their opposition by the short and curlies, but with Anderson swinging it again in the second innings, can India fight through and make a game of it? There are dark clouds and a bit of drizzle around, so the next 80 minutes is going to be tough for the visitors.


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