Kangana Ranaut Says She Would Love To Join Politics In Future; ‘Right Now I Am Happy To Be An Actress’

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Kangana Ranaut’s much anticipated film


released in theaters today (September 10). The multilingual movie has the actress essaying the role of former actress-turned-politician late Jayalalithaa. In a recent press interaction held in Delhi for the film’s promotions, the actress opened up about joining politics in real life as well.


As per a report in IANS, Kangana told reporters, “And as far as entering politics is concerned, I might need a lot of support from the public but right now I am happy to be an actress. But if tomorrow people like me and support me, then definitely I would love to.”

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She also expressed her disappointment over multiplex owners refusing to screen her film in Hindi owing to their disagreement over the gap between its theatrical and OTT release and shared, “This movie might not be released in Hindi in multiplexes and multiplexes have always tried to bully the producers. And they are the same. I am a nationalist and I speak for the country not because I am a politician but as a responsible citizen.”

Kangana Ranaut Had Doubts About Taking Up Thalaivii; 'I Thought I Was The Worst Casting For The Film'Kangana Ranaut Had Doubts About Taking Up Thalaivii; ‘I Thought I Was The Worst Casting For The Film’

The actress that emphasized her film Thalaivii never meant to try to change any mindset related to the male-dominated society and is more about Jayalalithaa’s journey.

“In ‘Thalaivii’ it is shown that the person about whom people thought would never be a politician or won’t be able to take care of such a volatile state, not only became the chief minister but won elections a number of times. And her guru or mentor in politics – MGR – always supported her. So, this movie shows how certain times men are also supportive for a woman to grow in life,” Kangana told reporters.

On being asked how her film has managed to steer clear of controversies, the actress said, “For this I give all credit to my director, as even the ruling party has no issues with the movie.”

Speaking about how working on


helped her in changing her perception about politics and politicians, Kangana shared, “I had a very primitive thinking about politics. Like these are very lucky people who get so much power. But after working in this movie and doing research my thinking changed. realized that politics is not at all easy and there are a number of challenges. For instance, Jaya maa has temples in Tamil Nadu. She is worshiped there. The IAS and other officers call her an intelligent and remarkable woman. And she is famous like this among all. But had she not faced any big controversy, of course she did but still people chose her over and over again. So, this is the reality that I realized after doing this movie.”

Kangana also explained why she considers Thalaivii her career best performance and said, “Whatever is shown in this movie is based on reality. But there is a lot to learn from the main political faces who were the cult figures of politics. And doing a movie like this is like a brain churning activity. You have to think a lot while playing a character who handles hundreds of bureaucrats. So, I learned a lot while doing this movie and that is why I consider it my best movie.”

Story first published: Friday, September 10, 2021, 14:55 [IST]

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