John Mulaney Returns to Stand-Up Post Rehab and Fans Are Rooting for Him

It has been 2 years since John Mulaney has been on tour, and in that time a lot has changed for the comedian. He has divorced his wife of 6 years and completed a rehabilitation program after more than a decade of sobriety. His audience has only known him as the three-piece-suit donning, marriage-loving, settled down man. He has discussed his past wild days in length, but his act has in part had to convince you of his deviant behavior. So who are we going to see on stage when we get tickets for his tour that he just announced? Everyone is dying to meet him!

Over the weekend Mulaney posted on social media for the first time since December 2020 announcing his next tour, ‘From Scratch.’ Tickets are already selling out. this comes after the comedian was announced alongside Andy Samberg as the voices of Chip & Dale in the upcoming Rescue Rangers movie for Disney+.

Back in May, Mulaney made his first stand-up appearance since exiting rehab, performing at City Winery in New York. The audience listened to a revealing and raw performance discussing his recent life events. “So John Mulaney at City Winery was…intense,” Rolling Stone editor David Fear tweeted on Monday. “90 mins that was mostly processing his intervention and rehab experience.”

The TV critic called Mulaney’s performance “remarkably raw, vulnerable, personal,” sharing a satirical joke from the comic’s set, in which he said, “When I’m alone, I realize I’m with the person who tried to kill me. “

“Hilarious, harrowing, brave, historic,” Fear added.

“I drank for attention,” he told ‘Esquire’ in September 2019. “I was really outgoing, and then at 12, I wasn’t. I didn’t know how to act. And then I was drinking, and I was hilarious again.”

Experimenting with drugs followed, but by 23, Mulaney quit cold turkey. “I went on a bender that weekend that was just, like, fading in and out of a movie,” he remembered. “It was just crazy. A weekend that was … there were … I’m never going to tell you. That’s mine. I didn’t kill anyone or assault anyone. But yeah, I was like, ‘You’ re f-king out of control.’ And I thought to myself, ‘I don’t like this guy anymore. I’m not rooting for him.'”

Roger Friedman attended one of his shows in May saying, “He spoke about his intervention saying, ‘I was the best looking person at my intervention,’ he said, because he was dressed up, had just had a haircut, and unlike everyone in the room who’d gained weight during the pandemic, Mulaney was down to about 105 pounds thanks to lots of drugs.

“His intervention, by the way, included Seth Meyers, comedy partner Nick Kroll, Fred Armisen, Natasha Lyonne, and Bill Hader. None of them, he was disappointed to say, were doing bits. They were afraid for his life.” From the ticket sales and online response, everyone seems to be rooting for him now. Who will be on stage greeting us and introducing us to the new and improved John Mulaney? We’ll see next month!

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