It’s ‘Indiana Jones & the City of Gloom’ as Residents Complaint About London Filming

It has been a while since we heard or saw anything new about the production of Indiana Jones 5 as it continues in the UK, but is seems that as production has moved to London, there are some people who have been hearing and seeing a lot more the cast and crew than they wanted to. While many people have been thrilled to see Harrison Ford and company shooting the latest and final adventure for the heroic archaeologist, neighbors of a property used for filming have been complaining about the disruption being caused in their area.

While filming in the north-east of England under the direction of James Mangold seemed to go off without a hitch, a move to the capital seems to have brought a few issues from some unimpressed residents of the southern part of the country. The issues seem to have come when the production paid around $70,000 to a homeowner to be able to use their house for a week for the production. While the homeowner will likely be quite happy to take the payment for leaving the house for seven days, it seems that his neighbors didn’t see it in quite the same light and have described “24/7 hell” descending upon them. Not being dramatic at all about it, obviously.

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Residents of the street in Hackney, East London, who apparently don’t care if Harrison Ford is being de-aged or not, made their feelings known via a WhatsApp group about their neighbor’s choice to rent out his property for the movie studio. Their main issue seemed to be with the owner taking payment and leaving the area while filming goes on, leaving “everyone else to suffer.” According to one resident speaking to UK tabloid, The Sun, “A single homeowner has made a mint and the rest of us are left facing the disturbance. It’s a joke. They closed the road so it caused a lot of disruption. Some people were outside arguing over spaces. I could hear angry voices and lots of cars driving around. People should at least be compensated.”

As well as the crew comings and goings (though no sign of Karen Allen yet), there are also the props required for the movie, specifically vintage vehicles, which were required to be parked near and around the property being used. This, according to the same female resident, led to some people having to park up to fifteen minutes away from their homes due to the production taking up the parking spaces.

You would think that many people would be happy to put up with a little disruption for a week, when in a year’s time they could point out their house in the what is sure to be a huge hit when it releases in cinemas next July, but Apparently, sour grapes over money can never be allowed to go unaired when there is a call for compensation in the air. With this still being early days in the production, the crew will be hoping that many of their other filming locations welcome them as warmly as the north-east did and not like their southern counterparts. Indiana Jones 5 is currently due to be released on July 29, 2022. This news originated at Cinemablend

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