India vs England, 3rd Test, Day 3 Live Updates: Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli Hold Fort As India Eye Miracle

IND vs ENG Live: Cheteshwar Pujara scored a brilliant half-century.© BCCI

Opener Rohit Sharma scored a classy fifty but was dismissed post Tea for 59 runs by Ollie Robinson as India faced a tough task at hand in the second innings of the third Test at Headingley in Leeds. India were placed at 116/2 after 47.4 overs, still trailing by 238 runs. After KL Rahul’s departure, Rohit and Cheteshwar Pujara showcased exceptional defensive skills post Lunch as India looked to reduce deficit. Pujara also completed his fifty after Rohit’s dismissal and added crucial runs with skipper Virat Kohli in the final session. England struck on the stroke of Lunch as Craig Overton dismissed opener Rahul with Jonny Bairstow taking an incredible one-handed catch. Earlier, India picked up England’s remaining two wickets early on Day 3 to bowl out the hosts for 432 runs as they conceded a 354-run lead in the first innings. Indian bowlers toiled hard on Day 2 after England took the match in their control by bowling out the visitors for a paltry total of 78 on the opening day of the third Test. England skipper Joe Root continued his fine run with the bat in the series as he brought up his third century in three games. (LIVE SCORECARD)

India vs England, 3rd Test, Day 3 Live Cricket Updates From Headingley, Leeds

  • August27202122:41 (IST)


    Pujara hits a pull shot for a boundary off a short ball as he moves closer to his 100

    IND 210/2 after 78.1 overs – Trail by 144 runs

  • August27202122:35 (IST)

    Getting Dark At Headingley !

    Kohli has now moved into the late 30s while Pujara is inching closer towards an epic 100

    However, the light has gone down and its looking pretty dark out there

    IND 199/2 after 76 overs – Trail by 155 runs

  • August27202122:21 (IST)


    Kohli has quickly moved on to 32 runs and has added 69 runs with Pujara who is batting on 77

    IND 185/2 after 71 overs – Trail by 169 runs

  • August27202122:04 (IST)


    Kohli cover drives Anderson yet again as the pacer bowls a juicy full delivery on the off-stump line

    IND 176/2 after 66 overs – Trail by 178 runs

  • August27202121:55 (IST)

    India Trail By 183 Runs !

    India trail by only 183 runs now as Kohli and Pujara are striking the ball clearly without any risks

    IND 171/2 after 64 overs

  • August27202121:45 (IST)

    Kohli & Pujara Hanging On !

    Both Pujara and Kohli look set now as they try to see out the final session today

    IND 168/2 after 62 overs – Trail by 186 runs

  • August27202121:35 (IST)


    Kohli is opening up now as he scores a terrific boundary off a pull shot against Curran

    IND 162/2 after 59.4 overs – Trail by 192 runs

  • August27202121:28 (IST)

    Pujara & Kohli Batting Cautiously!

    Kohli and Pujara are holding fort for the time being after Rohit Sharma’s departure

    IND 157/2 after 57.4 overs – Trail by 197 runs

  • August27202121:11 (IST)


    Anderson gives a gift to Kohli straight up as the Indian skipper pounces on an over-pitched ball for a stylish cover drive

    IND 138/2 after 53 overs – Trail by 216 runs

  • August27202120:33 (IST)


    Play begins post Tea

    Overton starts proceedings against Pujara, who hits a four on the second ball off the backfoot on the off-side

    IND 116/1 after 46.2 overs – Trail by 238 runs

  • August27202120:14 (IST)


    Tea Taken – Day 3

    Rohit Sharma (59*) and Cheteshwar Pujara (40*) take India to Tea as England bowlers sweat it out without any success in the wickets column in the second session

    IND 112/1 after 46 overs – Trail by 242 runs

  • August27202119:59 (IST)

    Moeen Ali Looking For Wickets !

    Moeen Ali to continue as Root is looking for the rough patches to do the trick

    IND 101/1 after 42 overs – Trail by 253 runs

  • August27202119:51 (IST)


    Pujara flicks one swinging delivery from Curran off the pads for a boundary

    IND 95/1 after 39.5 overs – Trail by 259 runs

  • August27202119:31 (IST)

    Rohit & Pujara Batting Nicely !

    Both batsmen, Rohit and Pujara, are looking more comfortable than ever as they look to play out session by session

    IND 79/1 after 36 overs – Trail by 275 runs

  • August27202119:22 (IST)

    Partnership Nearing 50 !

    Partnership between Rohit and Pujara is 45 runs off 91 deliveries now as England are still searching for the big breakthrough

    IND 79/1 after 34 overs – Trail by 275 runs

  • August27202119:13 (IST)

    Anderson On Song !

    It’s a case of ‘so close, yet so far’ for Anderson who is beating the bat more often than not as Rohit and Pujara are still struggling to negotiate the movement

    IND 73/1 after 32.3 overs – Trail by 281 runs

  • August27202119:05 (IST)

    Rohit & Pujara Putting Up A Partnership !

    Rohit and Pujara are showcasing incredible defensive skills to keep the English pacers at Bay

    IND 73/1 after 31 overs – Trail by 281 runs

    Rohit Sharma 39*

    Pujara 22*

  • August27202118:47 (IST)

    Ollie Robinson Into The Attack !

    Skipper Joe Root has gone back to Ollie Robinson now in a bid to take wickets in this session

    IND 53/1 after 27 overs – Trail by 301 runs

  • August27202118:41 (IST)

    Pujara Showing Positive Intent!

    Cheteshwar Pujara has come out with some positive intent this time

    He has moved on to 14 runs off just 19 deliveries

    IND 53/1 after 25.4 overs – Trail by 301 runs

  • August27202118:30 (IST)

    Another Four !

    Pujara flicks one again off the pads against Anderson for a four

    IND 46/1 after 23 overs – Trail by 308 runs

  • August27202118:21 (IST)


    Pujara flicks off the pads for a superb boundary against Anderson to get going

    IND 39/1 after 21.3 overs – Trail by 315 runs

  • August27202118:14 (IST)

    Good Start From Anderson !

    Good tight start from Anderson, giving away only one run in the first over post Lunch

    IND 35/1 after 20 overs – Trail by 319 runs

  • August27202118:09 (IST)

    Post Lunch Session Set To Begin !

    Players are back in the middle as play is set to start post Lunch

    IND 34/1 after 19 overs – Trail by 320 runs

    Rohit Sharma 25*

    Cheteshwar Pujara 0*

  • August27202117:34 (IST)

    Wicket – Overton Gets KL Rahul – Lunch Taken !

    Lunch – Day 3

    England strike on the stroke of Lunch as Craig Overton dismisses KL Rahul with Jonny Bairstow taking an incredible one-handed catch

    IND 34/1 after 19 overs – Trail by 320 runs

    Rohit Sharma 25*

  • August27202117:22 (IST)

    Lunch Time Inching Closer !

    Joe Root has brought Sam Curran into the attack now as Lunch inches closer on Day 3

    IND 30/0 after 17 overs – Trail by 324 runs

  • August27202117:15 (IST)


    Rohit Sharma dispatches a short delivery outside off towards third man for a huge six against Robinson

    IND 28/0 after 15.3 overs – Trail by 326 runs

  • August27202117:11 (IST)

    Surviving Indian Openers !

    The first 15 overs have been god news for India as far as the wicket column is concerned

    A wicket before Lunch, however, can open the floodgates for England

    IND 20/0 after 15 overs – Trail by 334 runs

  • August27202117:05 (IST)

    Another Maiden!

    Another maiden from Robinson as batsmen are surviving some close hits and misses early on in the second innings

    IND 18/0 after 14 overs – Trail by 336 runs

  • August27202116:56 (IST)

    Robinson Troubling Batsmen !

    Both batters are finding it difficult to deal with the movement and the bounce extracted by Robinson off the pitch

    IND 18/0 after 11.4 overs – Trail by 336 runs

  • August27202116:49 (IST)

    KL Rahul Survives Through DRS !

    KL Rahul survives as the DRS helps the batter reverse umpire’s decision

    Robinson bowled a terrific bowl that seamed in after pitching

    IND 16/0 after 9.4 overs – Trail by 338 runs

  • August27202116:34 (IST)

    Rahul & Rohit Need A Partnership !

    Rahul and Rohit have a huge mountain to climb and need to take it session by session in order to survive

    Pacers Robinson and Anderson have started well with tight lines and lengths

    IND 14/0 after 7.2 overs – Trail by 340 runs

  • August27202116:29 (IST)


    A rare looser from Anderson is put away nicely by Rohit as he cover drives for a four

    IND 12/0 after 6.1 overs – Trail by 342 runs

  • August27202116:23 (IST)

    Anderson Continues To Move The Ball !

    Indian openers have negotiated the swing well early on, but remember, it’s still just Day 3

    IND 6/0 after 5 overs – Trail by 348 runs

  • August27202116:13 (IST)

    Anderson On Target Straightaway !

    After a tight Robinson over, Anderson is back again testing the Indian openers as he continues to swing the ball both ways

    IND 4/0 after 2.3 overs – Trail by 350 runs

  • August27202116:07 (IST)

    Ollie Robinson Into The Attack !

    A good testing Anderson over to start off with

    The movement is there for everyone to see

    Ollie Robinson will start from the other end

    IND 2/0 after 1 over – Trail by 352 runs

  • August27202116:03 (IST)

    India Batting Begins !

    After a slight rain delay between change of innings, James Anderson starts the proceedings with the new ball against Rohit Sharma

    Anderson begins with some classic short of good length deliveries

    IND 0/0 after 0.3 overs – Trail by 354 runs

  • August27202115:51 (IST)

    Wicket – Bumrah Gets Robinson !

    Bumrah castles Robinson which brings an end to the English in early on Day 3

    England lead by 354 runs in their first innings

    Indian openers KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma will have a tough task at hand to deal with the swing of James Anderson on an overcast Day

    ENG 432 all out

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