Government readies medicines & infrastructure for children in case 3rd wave hits in Jaipur – ET HealthWorld

Jaipur: Since experts fear the third wave will affect children In large numbers, the health department has started preparing for treatment of kids in case they get infected with Covid.

The health department will make the medicines available up to the level of primary health centres, which will be useful in treatment of covid patients under 14 years.

“By August, we will ensure that medicines for Covid treatment for children is made available up to the primary health centres. We have started issuing tenders of the medicines and soon we will be able to procure it to make them available up to the rural areas,” said a senior health department official.

The health department had directed the pediatricians to prepare a list of medicines, which would be useful for the treatment of children. “We have prepared the list of medicines and it has been sent to the health department. These medicines are useful in Covid treatment of children,” said Dr Arvind Shukla, superintendent, JK Lon Hospital.

Since a lot of difficulties were faced by patients in the second wave as a lot many had to struggle to arrange the drugs such as remdesivir, tocilizumab and also antifungals for mucormycosis, the health department is taking measures to ensure that they don’t face any such problem in the third wave. The health department has started issuing tenders for procuring the medicines as they are expecting that the third wave may emerge in September and before that they aim to complete all preparations.

A lot of parents are worried about reports that the third wave would affect children. In the first two waves, kids have been the safest lot so far. In the past one year, 21 children (below 15 years) died due to Covid in Rajasthan. The second wave, though, reported an increased number of fatalities, but the deaths among children remained at just five (from Jan 1 to May 11) in the state.

In the first wave 15,104 children were infected and in the second wave 22,009 children got Covid.


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