Forget zombies, Gunfight is still Cold War’s best mode

In spite of the painfully slow march towards the release of Warzone’s new map, Cold War has seen a steady stream of updates since it released in November. Weekly updates keep its playlists feeling fresh, and we’ve been drip fed new maps and weapons through generous seasonal updates.

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the midway point between Cold War’s release, and the next Call of Duty game. More recently, we’ve seen its Zombies content spiral through the Dark Aether across several maps, jam-packed with Easter eggs and well-hidden secrets. At this point, it feels like zombies really are the stars of the show. Not only in Cold War, where their presence has expanded into a separate outbreak mode (which unfolds on repurposed Fireteam maps), but also in Warzone where we’ve seen them teleport between six POIs now. Despite the slew of new content, and the ever growing presence of the undead, I still can’t get enough of Gunfight, a mode that was first introduced in 2019’s Modern Warfare, and was added to Cold War in December.

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