Dimple Kapadia Birthday Special: Bobby, Rudaali, Finding Fanny & More-Heart Stealing Roles Of Birthday Girl


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Published: Tuesday, June 8, 2021, 1:17 [IST]

Dimple Kapadia who is turning 64 on 8 June 2021, has been one of the most celebrated artists of Hindi Cinema. The actress who debuted just at the age of 16, not only gave an explosive performance in her first film but also became a household name immediately.

dimple kapadia

Despite her 12 year hiatus, her comeback with 1985 Sagar garnered her much fan. Both the films have become a fan favorite over the decades. However, in the ongoing career of over three decades, Dimple is still surprising fans with her skills and performances. On the occasion of her birthday today, we bring you a list of some of Dimple Kapadia’s best films down the years.

Tenet (2020)

Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi film marked Dimple’s first Hollywood project. While the film starred big names like John David Washinton and Robert Pattinson, Dimple made her presence felt with a limited screen time. The film follows a secret agent who is sent to prevent the onset of World War III which will take place in the future. He must travel through time and bend the laws of nature in order to be successful in his mission.

Finding Fanny (2014)

Among a talented starcast of Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapur, Deepika Padukone, Arjun Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia fit right in. The actress played the character of Deepika’s mother-in-law Rosalina ‘Rosie’ Eucharistica who ends up finding love in Ferdinand ‘Ferdie’ Pinto. Dimple in the film played lovable character despite the difficult start.

Dimple Kapadia On Christopher Nolan's Tenet: Will Have To See It Three More Times To Finally Understand ItDimple Kapadia On Christopher Nolan’s Tenet: Will Have To See It Three More Times To Finally Understand It

Dil Chahta Hai (2001)

Dimple in Dil Chahta Hai was seen in an unusual role for the time. Her character Taara was an older woman in love with a young man. It was this role that even helped her land a role in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. Dil Chahta Hai follows three close friends who discover that post-collegiate life will test their tight-knit bond.

Rudaali (1993)

Mahasweta Devi’s writing has been one of the unforgettable classics of Hindi cinema. Dimple also won the Filmfare Best Actor Critics’ Award for her role in Rudaali. The film follows Shanichari who was abandoned by her mother shortly after her father’ death. However her ill- fortune continues as her husband died because of plague and her son Budhua is a good-for-nothing slacker.

Pathan: Dimple Kapadia To Reunite With Shah Rukh Khan After 28 Years For This Espionage Thriller?Pathan: Dimple Kapadia To Reunite With Shah Rukh Khan After 28 Years For This Espionage Thriller?

Saagar (1985)

The Ramesh Sippy directorial marked Dimple’s return to the big screen. Not only was she a delight to watch her chemistry with Rishi Kapoor brought the audience back to the theaters. The film follows a classic love triangle as Dimple and Rishi are joined by Kamal Haasan. The film follows Mona who loves Ravi but because his grandmother disapproves she tries to forget her love.

Bobby (1973)

Dimple Kapadia debuted as a teenager in the film but did not shy away from giving an award-worthy performance. The film is a must-watch for Dimple’s acting skills and late actor Rishi Kapoor’s performance. The film follows two teenagers who fall in love but have to face the reality when they realise they come from different parts of society.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 8, 2021, 1:17 [IST]

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