Destiny 2’s best exotic weapon is getting nerfed

There’s a lot going on in the latest edition of This Week at Bungie, including a look at upcoming weapon tweaks and tuning, some more sandbox stuff related to specific perks, info on the Master Vault of Glass raid, and some vague chat about ideas for the game’s future. The big hit, though, lands squarely on Destiny 2’s best PvE gun: Anarchy.

Anarchy was powerful to the point of being “borderline busted,” Tim wrote in his recent analysis of seasonal artifact resets, and that’s without the extra kick it’s enjoying this season thanks to the Grenade Launcher artifact mods currently in play. The funny thing about Anarchy is that it was initially written off as a bit of a gimmick. The weapon fires electrified grenades which attach to the target, creating a deadly arc field between wherever you place your shots.

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