Destiny 2: Ruins of Wrath Enigmatic and Trivial Mysteries

There are more Enigmatic and Trivial Mysteries to find in Destiny 2 this week with the Ruins of Wrath now available in the Shattered Realm. This week, you’ll get the Safe Passage perk from the Wayfinder’s Voyage mission, so go ahead and do that first. After that, align all the Awoken Beacons in the Shattered Realm as normal and then it’s time to get hunting for mysteries.

Destiny 2: Ruins of Wrath Enigmatic Mysteries

You’ll find your first Enigmatic Mystery just as you enter the Staging Ground. There should be a True Sight totem to your left, so interact with it and jump on the platforms as they appear. You’ll soon reach a Barrier Breach totem, so use it to unlock the path to the mystery.

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