Amrita Rao flirts with RJ Anmol as he flaunts his toned abs, he says ‘Conversations like these lead to babies’

Amrita Rao is not shying away from indulging in some PDA on social media. The actor, who embraced motherhood a few months ago, took to her Instagram stories and shared a picture of her husband, RJ Anmol flaunting his abs.

Anmol sported an unbuttoned shirt while holding a cup of coffee. He shared the picture on his Instagram account and wrote in Hindi, “Today’s coffee is a tad hotter.” Amrita shared the picture with the cheeky caption, “I wanna drink this coffee” and used an upside-down smiley emoji. Anmol reposted the story and said, “Conversations like THESE … lead to babies!” He added, “Upar se wfh (to top it off, work from home).”

Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol’s exchange on Instagram.

The couple welcomed their son Veer in November. Sharing her experience of becoming a mother, she had told Pinkvilla in February, “I’m up most of the night feeding my baby and it’s not like your shift ends and you get to sleep in the day, the day continues catering to every second of Veer. You have to put behind yourself and now you become your second priority. Motherhood is the toughest role I have played so far. “

She added that Anmol has been performing daddy duties well. “I’m very impressed with him. He was excited about giving Veer a bath from day one. He stayed awake at intervals at night when I needed help. He also changes nappies and can pretty much handle Veer without me. I call him the Japa-Papa for Veer, “she added.

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Anmol, on the other hand, has been in awe of Amrita. A few weeks ago, he took to his Instagram and shared a picture of Amrita breastfeeding his son and said, “Amrita Feeding Veer is the Most Beautiful Sight for Me Every Day … its so Surreal, So Magical … almost Godly!” Its the Toughest Duty – All Night, All Day & She does it with a smile on her face … to see Mother & Baby bond in a different way … I Salute You, I Salute My Mother & EVERY MOTHER on this Planet … Why wait for Mother’s Day, I Say. “

Amrita began her Bollywood journey with Ab Ke Baras in 2002. She starred in films such as Masti, Main Hoon Na, Vivah and Welcome to Sajjanpur.

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Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol welcomed Veer in November last year.
Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol welcomed Veer in November last year.

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Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol welcomed Veer in November last year.
Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol welcomed Veer in November last year.

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