Aliens: Fireteam has a new shield-bearing class

Aliens: Fireteam is a decent time if you want to shoot hundreds of aliens that behave like enraged cats. Our review was approving, calling it a “fun and flexible swarm shooter that’s a little too reliant on being played alongside friends.” The game’s first season launched today, and it’s named after the Phalanx, a brand new playable class which comes bearing a combat-shield.

That’s the most notable feature of the Phalanx, and as you’d expect, arming a bigass shield means they’re limited to single-hand weapons like the handgun or CQW. When the crap hits the fan and they’re swarmed, the Phalanx can use their Shock Pulse to clean up a bit. It sounds like the Phalanx might be a class better suited for facing androids rather than xenos, but either way it should mix things up if you’re keen for a replay.

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