After denying pandemic in Tanzania, vaccination against coronavirus began – ET HealthWorld

REUTERS/Emmanuel Herman

Dadoma: In one of the last countries in the world to accept vaccines against COVID-19, the President of Tanzania started a vaccination campaign on Wednesday by publicly receiving the vaccine and calling on others to do the same.

The East African country’s government under former President John Magufuli has long worried health officials by denying a pandemic. Magufuli, who claimed the coronavirus could be defeated by prayer, died in March. The presidency went to his deputy, Sami Suluhu Hassan, who has since changed Tanzania’s course on coronavirus.

Hassan, who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, expressed confidence in the safety of the vaccine and said that a country with more than 58 million people would strive for greater immunization, news agencies reported.

The United States on Saturday announced the delivery of more than a million doses of vaccines through the global COVAX initiative, which aims to supply low- and middle-income countries.


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